by Andrew Lachowicz

About the Author

About the Author

Andrew Lachowicz was born in Ukraine but spent his formative youth living with his parents throughout Western Europe. In 1950 they migrated to Australia.


With a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and Bachelor of Arts Degree, Andrew embarked on a wide and varied career which included key roles in the Victorian Public Service culminating as Deputy Director of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. He was also admitted a Fellow of the Australian Society of Accountants.


However it is quite possibly the extensive travels he undertook with his wife Irene (an accomplished artist) which inspired More Than a Journey. Andrew and Irene have travelled throughout Europe and North America as well Asia, the Pacific Islands and, of course, Australia.


While More Than a Journey is fiction, Andrew has also drawn on a great many personal experiences to round out his characters and the events surrounding them.


Andrew’s father was a school teacher and his mother a concert pianist and music teacher before World War Two and this has instilled in him an appreciation of music and academic research. Consequently his writing is based on well researched facts of historical, geographical and psychological nature. In most of his writings he has also used the phenomenon of music, not as a mood setting tool, but as a driving force for unusual and often tragic adventures.


Andrew has pursued his writing passion since childhood, penning many short stories and a collection of poetry.


More than a Journey is the second book Andrew has written and is currently completing his third novel.



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An evocative journey that spans three continents in one unforgetable lifetime.