by Andrew Lachowicz

Official Book Launch - More Than a Journey

Official Book Launch - More Than a Journey

14 May 2016


More Than a Journey was launched on 14 May 2016 at the Old Shire Office in Heidelberg.


The launch was attended by approximately 80 guests and the book was launched by Marko Pavlyshyn, Professor of Ukrainian Studies, School of Languages, Cultures and Literature and Director, Monash European and EU Centre at Monash University.


He gave an analytic outline of the novel, one excerpt being: “The book tricks us rather neatly. We expect an immigrant novel about Ukrainian life in Australia. There hasn’t been such a novel – not in English, not of such a serious length. But no, the novel turns out to be, again, about “more than” that. It’s about the turbulence and uncertainty of our times, about the fragility of relationships – family bonds, friendships, the ties born of sexual desire, about the challenges of confronting the culturally new, interacting sincerely with people radically different from oneself, about managing the fine balance between loyalty to one’s inherited identity carried in memory, custom and language and embrace of the new place where one’s life now is.”


He concluded by saying. “Andrew’s book is a fine novel, one that is sure to entertain readers, at times to inform them (one of the author’s favourite devices is to share little known facts), often to stir their sentiments and, above all, to cause them to think.