by Andrew Lachowicz

Why I Wrote More Than A Journey

Why I Wrote More Than A Journey

There are two main reasons.


1 – I was already writing stories even before I knew how to write. While in kindergarten I got hold of an exercise book and scribbled all pages, line by line, in imitation of adult writing. When I showed it to my father he pretended that he could read it and told me a beautiful story.


Already at that age I considered each blank page of paper a challenge to be filled with meaning which continued throughout my life.



2 – It was Mallory, who on 8 June 1924 set out to climb the highest mountain on earth and perished close to the summit either on the way up or on the way down, nobody will know as he did not leave any signs. When he was asked why he wanted to climb Mt. Everest he answered “because it is there.”


This laconic answer made me reflect on my life which covered most of the turbulent years of the last century and inspired me to capture those times in a book.


If somebody should ask me whether More Than a Journey is autobiographical I would have to say “Yes, in parts, but highly embellished, exaggerated and even cathartic.”



For after all, writing gives permanency to fleeting thoughts and experiences.